Pongam, Poonga-oil tree

Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre ex Merr.

Fabaceae or Pea Family



Indo-Malaya, S. China, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Ryukyus to N. Australia. In Taiwan, it is present throughout the island’s coastal areas, including Hsiaoliuchiu and Lanyu. On the campus, it is cultivated along both banks of Szfenshi.


Semi-deciduous tree. Leaves odd-pinnate, with leaflets 5-7, each 6-10 cm long. Flowers racemose, axillary, papilionaceous, light pink, about 2 cm long; stamens 10, monadelphous (i.e. stamens united in one group by connation of their filaments). Pods strongly flattened, about 6 cm long, indehiscent; single-seeded.

The genus has only a single species.