Garlic vine
Mansoa alliacea (Lam.) A. Gentry
߻ Bignoniaceae or Bignonia Family


The terminal leaflet frequently modified into a tendril



It is native to Brazil. It grows along the fence on the South side of the Institute of Botanys greenhouse, and it can also be found at the opposite side of the front gate of the Animal Breeding and Research Center.


Climbing evergreen vine.  Leaves ternate, alternate, leaflets elliptical,  ca. 710 cm long, 35 cm broad, margin entire, the terminal leaflet frequently modified into a tendril; panicle axillary; corolla of 5 joined petals, funnel-form, purple; capsule ca. 10 cm long.

    This genus has about fifteen species, which are distributed throughout Tropical South America. The garlic vine is named so because of its leaves and its flowers with its garlicky smell when crushed.


Flower buds                                    Flowering